Petition handed over for more West Meads buses

NEARLY 500 names have been presented to a bus boss in a call for a better service on an Aldwick estate.

The petition for improvements to service 62 through West Meads was presented to Stagecoach South managing director Andrew Dyer by Aldwick East district councillor Paul Wells and Carole Wiseman, the secretary of West Meads Residents’ Association.

As reported, the service was cut from an hourly to a two hourly frequency last May.

Mrs Wiseman said this had left some residents on the estate isolated.

“Two hours is a long time for someone to have to wait for a bus. We are an estate of mainly elderly people.

“We don’t have a bank, though we do have a post office and a village shop, who do their very best, but people like to go into town.”

It was too far for them to walk to Aldwick Road or North Bersted to catch other services, she said.

“We used to have a bus every 15 minutes, then 30 minutes, then an hour and now it’s every two hours.

“We have got 1,600 people on the estate in 600 properties. They deserve a better bus service.”

Cllr Wells said their meeting with Mr Dyer on Monday did produce a glimmer of hope.

“There is to be a review of services around Bognor this summer. We have asked for the 62 service to be high up on that list in the talks between Stagecoach and the county council.

“Nothing will happen immediately but, hopefully, we will see what happens in the review.”

Mr Dyer said the low usage of the service meant it was only saved by funding from Sainsbury’s to serve its store.

“I understand peoples’ concerns. We will take the community’s views into account in the review of the Bognor bus network.”