Pat warns others to avoid the scam mail


A BOGNOR Regis woman has urged other residents to avoid falling victim to scam mail.

Pat Craven has twice been duped by the conmen.

Her latest encounter with the ruthless criminals saw her hand over hundreds of pounds for over-priced products.

The scammers have continued to bombard 
her home with the 
‘special offers’.

She received seven letters from them last Tuesday alone.

She has added them to the shopping bag which has become stuffed with the leaflets in the past few months.

“I’ve had mail from Hong Kong, America and The Netherlands,” said Mrs Craven, 76. “I’ve handed over hundreds of pounds to them recently.

“The goods they are selling are priced too high and then there’s the post and packing on top of that.

“They are always saying I only need one more order to win a large prize.”

“I’ve had situations where I’ve given them my card number and the security number on the back of the card for a £40 order and they have deducted £60.

“It’s become an absolute nightmare. It’s a vicious circle and it’s almost impossible to get out of it. I’ve changed my bank account to stop it.”

Mrs Craven said the goods she had been offered included chocolate cakes, birthday cakes and health foods as well as vitamin supplements.

The goods would initially look enticing for a person who was housebound or who found it difficult to go to the shops. “You think it would be nice to buy someone a present like an Easter egg,” she said.
“It all starts very innocently, but it has got out of hand.

“The prices are extortionate and going 
up all the time. It’s cost 
me a lot of money one way or the other.”

Mrs Craven first fell into the clutches of the scam mail tricksters when she lived in Wales. She stopped using them but re-started after she moved to Bognor.

Sussex Police launched Operation Signature this spring to highlight the impact of scam mail on residents.

It advises people to take steps to escape the clutches of the conmen.