Parking permits ‘set to be scrapped’, says councillor

PARKING permit plans for Felpham are likely to be scrapped, the area’s county councillor has said.

Cllr Graham Jones said he believed the unpopularity of the scheme was likely to kill it.

“I’ve had a lot of correspondence about the parking permits. I’ve never had so many emails about one subject. I would say two or three a night at the moment. I’ve not had one email in support,” he told Felpham Parish Council last week.

“There’s quite a lot of anger in the community about this particular scheme.

“It looks very unlikely this scheme will go ahead, bearing in mind the parish council’s views on it, when it goes to the Joint Western Arun area commitee this September unless things change completely.

“I can’t pre-judge it before then, but I’ve never been enthusiastic about it.”

As reported, West Sussex County Council is looking at bringing in parking permits for roads around Sea Road. This would create parking bays in which residents would pay to leave their vehicles at a possible £40 a year for the first permit. Visitors would also pay for short stays.

Parish council chairman Cllr Paul English said: “There is so much anger about the way this has been handled. It’s good to see the community coming together on a single item. It’s quite amazing how people have been galvanised.”

The parish council and the surrounding businesses were also unhappy with the proposal, he said.

Cllr Glenn Powell said: “There are some residents who would like it. I know two or three pockets in Felpham – Sea Road, the Outram Road area – where the feeling is completely the other direction.”

But he believed the village’s car parks, with free parking, would be overwhelmed if paid-for parking was brought in along the streets around the seafront.

n Consultation is carrying on about a separate scheme for a 20mph zone around Felpham.

The lower speed limit, instead of 30mph, would apply to most of its residential roads. West Sussex County Council has asked residents to have their say by June 20.

Felpham Parish Council has championed the idea for years. Cllr Paul English, its chairman, said: “I have had some comments about the 20mph zone very much in favour of it.

“As I have said to people who don’t want it, we have the opportunity for all of Felpham to make a decision.

“It’s about encouraging people to have their say one way or the other.

“We will abide by whatever the decision that comes forward.”