Come on girls, no need to get your knickers in a twist

It is fair to say that, right now, there are plenty of things in the world to get hot under the collar about.

Katy Bourne

Sussex PCC's video log - Listen Live: Fraud and Elder Exploitation

On Thursday 23 March PCC Katy Bourne will hold the first of four public debates as part of her new 'Listen Live' programme.

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Dr Martin Warner, Bishop of Chichester

A struggle worth undertaking

So now we know.  Theresa May has given up crisps for Lent.

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Arun Civic Centre ENGSUS00120130227103532

COMMENT: A challenge to councillors at crucial moment in Arun’s future

Public outbursts during controversial council meetings is not uncommon – but aghast residents waving stopwatches is more unusual.

Opinion 2

Alex Rowley on why we can never really have parenting sussed

Alexia Rowley on why the only constant with children is change.

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STUART McGINLEY: The Brits shows that our ‘talent’ falls flat

It’s awards time again and The Brits is supposed to showcase the best of our talent to the rest of the world, sadly once again I felt underwhelmed by the whole experience.


RICHARD WILLIAMSON: An interesting encounter

I was watching the sun setting its fiery furnace on the rim of the downs when somebody shouted at me from behind a bramble bush. It was only fifteen yards away.

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A Victorian family

Support for bereavement counselling services

My grandmother Nell, who was born into working class London in 1895, was never quite sure how many brothers and sisters she had.

Ven Dr Edward Dowler, Archdeacon of Hastings

An honest look at ourselves

This week many Christians around the world have been celebrating Ash Wednesday.


RICHARD WILLIAMSON: Country walk: Warblington Sea Shore

I often enjoy this stroll around the top of Emsworth channel.


LEGAL CORNER: A brief guide to repercussion-free reference writing

Many of us, at one time or another, will ask a friend, employer, supplier or other work contact for a reference, and some of us will ourselves be approached as a potential referee. So, what are the key issues you should consider before agreeing to provide a formal employment reference?

Life on Tapp

How can bad drivers exploit a legal loophole to keep on the road?

We are a nation of motorists, a tribe so wedded to the idea of car ownership that we see getting behind the wheel as a human right.
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RICHARD WILLIAMSON: Country walk: Smugglers’ Lane, Bosham

I left my Alvis car in Bosham pay car-park, (SU055040) not wanting the old girl to drown on the road when the tide came up.


RICHARD WILLIAMSON: Majestic patterns against the sky

Let’s have a last look at the Brent geese before they set off once more on their travels to the Baltic and on into the Russian arctic.

Blaise is concerned that we may lose sight of good old fashioned common sense to mob rule

In the clamour for instant justice we shouldn't give way to mob rule

If I could sum up the 21st Century so far I would describe it as the era during which the world lost respect for almost everything.

etc columnist Louise Margaret

Why the good old-fashioned cluttered look will always prevail

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RICHARD WILLIAMSON: Country walk: Heyshott Downs

This is a strenuous walk of 5.5 miles (9kms) up and over the South Downs at Heyshott.

Stuart McGinley with his dog Jake

STUART McGINLEY: Cherish your furry friends

Last week the love of my love celebrated his 42 nd birthday, we’ve been soulmates ever since we met, despite him having bad breath and taking up all the bed.

Katy Bourne

Katy Bourne: Hate crime will not be tolerated

Sussex’s police and crime commissioner Katy Bourne on the rise of hate crimes since the Brexit vote.

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Small village schools are at risk

Small village schools are at risk of closure because of unfunded costs

On the outskirts of many English towns, adjacent to greenbelt and farmland, you will find small village communities situated around a local school, church and public house (the pub) – and many of these communities have been established for centuries.

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