Taking time to remember there is real life in the slow lane

‘Life today is just too fast, nobody has time to stop and think' is something most of us will have either recently said, or heard from an older friend or relative.
Dr Martin Warner, Bishop of Chichester

The potential of life, individually and collectively

Because I’m fairly disorganised, I reckon it’s still not too late to make some new year resolutions.

Blaise is trying to keep on the straight and narrow

I'm going off my trolley with insane dieting advice

Over the years I have come up with a variety of strategies to cope with the tedium of frequent visits to the supermarket.
Sing For Better Health in Brighton

New years bring new beginnings

A new year marks a time when many people redouble their efforts to get fit and stay fit.

A deserted station during rush hour this morning

COMMENT: Sussex commuters left to suffer Southern rail Groundhog Day

It is fair to say that tens of thousands of ordinary Sussex folk are currently enduring a very dark version of Groundhog Day.

Opinion 3
Blaise Tapp is off to the pub

Don’t let the great British pub dry up

We are regularly told that January is the most miserable month of the lot: 31 short days and long cold nights when very few of us have any cash and are full of self-loathing.

Opinion 1

LEGAL CORNER: Japanese knotweed: garden invader could land you in legal hot water

Although as a property solicitor I am not renowned for my horticultural prowess, recently I have come to know quite a lot about the East Asian garden invader that is Japanese knotweed.

Reverend Tom Robson

God humbled himself to meet us in the reality of ordinary, new-born life.

On January 6 the church celebrates Epiphany


RICHARD WILLIAMSON: A whole world lies unopened

A funny thing happened to me as I did the water birds’ count last month at Fishbourne Channel. Seeing my binoculars a lady asked me if I could point out some BURWICK swans.

Dr. Russell popularised sea bathing and the curative powers of drinking seawater and in doing so hugely boosted Brightons resort status. This photograph shows the beach in Edwardian times with the Royal Albion Hotel visible beyond the Palace Pier.

A doctor’s glad tidings had them all drinking seawater

A doctor from Lewes became a very wealthy man indeed after recommending that drinking seawater could cure a host of illnesses.


LEGAL CORNER: So, your doctor got it wrong — but negligence can be tricky to prove

To establish a clinical negligence claim you must prove negligence on the part of the medical practitioner, that the injury resulted from this negligence, and that the injury has a monetary value.


STUART McGINLEY: Acts of kindness to round off a strange year

One of the things I’ve really enjoyed doing at Spirit FM this year is Random Acts of Kindness, and we’ve just recorded more for Christmas.


RICHARD WILLIAMSON: Fascinating history of avocets

Avocets are such striking pied pipers that the Georgians could not resist putting them into glass cases where they could be viewed in the comfort of their own homes.

Dr Martin Warner, Bishop of Chichester

Bauble, Holly, Sparkle and Hope

Although we still use the language of Christmas to describe the late December holiday, we now often hear festive, seasonal events described in other ways, like Winter Wonderland or Lapland Family Fun.

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Jenny Tinson at an exotic animals lecture SUS-160612-104949001

PLUMPTON COLLEGE: No two days are the same when you’re working at the vets

I’ve started at college again after a gap of more years than I care to think about having been made redundant from a healthcare job in 2014.


RICHARD WILLIAMSON: Country walk: Nutbourne Marshes

Today on this walk I am on the look-out for one of the rarest birds in Britain, plus one of the greatest success stories of its conservation.

The Right Reverend Richard Jackson, Bishop of Lewes

Who we are is about our relationships

It’s popular these days to look within to find the ‘real you’.

Oxen at work on the Sussex Downs. Black oxen were originally of Welsh stock while the true Sussex ox was red. There were also black and white beasts.

Ringmer man coveted his neighbour’s oxen

England’s first Lord Chancellor, William Cowper, when a barrister on circuit, wrote to his wife in 1690, complaining about the ruinous state of our county’s roads, especially in the Weald between the North and South Downs:


STUART McGINLEY: Closing date for Toy Appeal is fast approaching

We still have quite a few shopping days left to Christmas but at Spirit FM the closing date for this year’s Toy Appeal is fast approaching.


RICHARD WILLIAMSON: Walk: Eartham and Slindon Woods

I went for a 3.5mile (5.7kms) ramble through some of the prettiest woodlands in Sussex at the end of November. There are no stiles, and the going is nearly all hard, some of it courtesy of the Romans.

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