CHADNEY BULGIN: How your home can secure your future

Your home is likely to be your biggest asset. And as you get older you may start to think about whether you could release some of the value tied up in your property to fund home improvements, take holidays, fund care costs or simply to supplement your income.


etc Columnist: Alexia Rowley

Alexia Rowley on the realities of going on holiday with small children

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LEGAL CORNER: Sometimes mirror-signal-manoeuvre is not enough

The Court of Appeal recently confirmed that, where there is particular risk to another road user, a motorist has a duty to make a final check in the mirrors before completing a turn.


RICHARD WILLIAMSON: Painted Lady butterfly

“I hate ‘Ground elder! I spend hours digging out those horrid little white roots which wriggle like worms all the way through my flower beds. I wish I could spray it safely. It takes up hours of my time!”


RICHARD WILLIAMSON: Country walk: Cocking to New Farm Plantation

There is an off-road car-park at the top of Cocking Hill at SU875166, on the west side of the A286 between Chichester and Midhurst for this walk of five miles (8kms).

Dr Martin Warner, Bishop of Chichester

Accountability on earth is vital and must be effective

On Saturday 1 July in Chichester Cathedral, 12 men and women became clergy in the Church of England.

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RICHARD WILIAMSON: Country walk: Iping and Trotton Commons

I walked these two miles (3.2kms) through the heather last week hoping to see a woodlark, a Dartford warbler and a cuckoo among the many birds that breed on the nature reserve.


RICHARD WILLIAMSON: Climate change is not ‘fake news’

President Trump is a behemoth from a bygone age. We can only enjoy such dinosaurs in a distant time, when they can do us no harm. Dinosaurs were curious animals, even fascinating, and deserve to be studied.


LEGAL CORNER: Calling time on Britain’s outdated data protection laws

Not everyone gets excited about data protection – until, that is, it comes to light that miscellaneous personal information has been captured and secretively stored, or is being used in an alarming manner.

Dr Rob Marshall

Getting together has never been so important.

So now we know! Brighton kick off their first ever Premier League campaign with a home game against Pep's Manchester City. What a day that will be!

CHADNEY BULGIN: New cap on early exit pension charges

New “pension freedoms” have now been in place for more than two years.

etc Columnist - Louise Margaret

etc Columnist - Louise Margaret

Louise Margaret on the tricks she uses to make household chores more bearable

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Sussex PCC Katy Bourne

Sussex PCC's video log: Top ten tips for keeping safe from fraudsters

"In the UK, our population is ageing; the proportion of those aged over 65 has never been greater.

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etc Columnist - Alexia Rowley

Alexia Rowley on how to cope with being appraised by a child.

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RICHARD WILLIAMSON: Country walk: Woolavington Down

This 2.5 mile (4kms) stroll is along the scarp edge of the South Downs just west of Cocking on the A285.


RICHARD WILLIAMSON: The orange-tips marks beginning of butterfly season

The butterfly season got off to a good start with this little beauty, the orange-tip. I saw it in April to start with but some were still flying in late-May in meadows, hedgerows, downland, and even parkland.


STUART McGINLEY: It was good to get out across the county

May has been a very busy month for me at Spirit FM but I’ve loved every minute of it. Last week’s Local Radio Day was a real highlight of the year so far as we headed out and about across the county.


LEGAL CORNER: When is a fixed-term lease not fixed? When the tenancy is commercial...

It may seem obvious that commercial premises leases covering a fixed term of five years will automatically end in five years’ time but this is not necessarily so.

Fresh Start Portslade was funded by the Young Peoples Fund earlier this year. The group renovated an old public loo in Easthill Park, Portslade and it is now a busy caf where apprentices like Crystal (pictured here) can gain work experience and accredited training.

Applications invited to young people's funds

Being a young person in 2017 is not plain-sailing.


etc columnist: Louise Margaret

Happy birthday to me...

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