North Bersted donkeys need to stay on their diet

Christine Bidwell with Luke and Lucy
Christine Bidwell with Luke and Lucy

Donkeys Luke and Lucy are in danger of receiving too much TLC from residents around their North Bersted home.

The pair have become the centre of attention after some horses were removed from their neighbouring field.

People who used to feed the horses are now turning their attention to Luke and Lucy.

Owner Christine Bidwell has put up a sign asking people to stop giving all sorts of food to her animals.

But the notice is being ignored.

Piles of food and bales of hay are still left outside their field on Chalcraft Lane.

Christine said: “Luke and Lucy should only be given apples and carrots and not too many of them.

“They had so many apples and carrots on Sunday they just walked away from them. People are doing it out of goodwill but also from ignorance.

“I give Luke and Lucy all the other food they need. The donkeys are a good weight and I don’t want them becoming ill through eating too much or the wrong food.”