New network lets students log on easily

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STUDENTS at Westergate Community School can learn anytime and anywhere thanks to a new wi-fi network.

The school has embraced new technology by installing the isolated network for open access to the internet across its campus.

Headteacher Steve Nelmes said: “Students are encouraged to bring in and use their own devices – as well as the school’s laptops, tablets and netbooks – to researach topics on the internet.

“They can also participate in online quizzes and tests as part of lessons, create coursework or continue with homework using cloud computing such as Google Drive and Google Apps.

“The network is governed by the existing West Sussex County Council internet filtering policy agreement to ensure students’ safety while online is balanced by the flexibility needed for effective teaching and learning.”

Installing the network was a recognition by the Lime Avenue school that accessing the internet on the move was becoming second nature to most people.

The prevalence of laptops, tablets and smartphones enables people to reach for facts and figures, as well as fun, through their fingertips.

Technology has become fundamental to the way students learn. Taking in their own devices can provide a bridge between formal and informal learning.