Mystery of missing step angers Norah

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KEEP-fit instructor Norah Logan has had the step she uses to take her classes in Bognor Regis stolen.

The wooden structure was taken from the Laburnum Centre where Norah, 84, has been passing on her skills for the past 24 years.

She uses it to make up for her 5ft height to reach the portable stage to carry out her routines.

The step was a wooden box with a piece of carpet on top. It was made by her partner when the Lyon Street centre opened in 1990, but he is now in a nursing home and unable to make a replacement.

Norah, who lives along the seafront, said: “It’s such a paltry thing to have stolen. I can’t see what good it would be to anyone.”

The step, which was 
about 11ins high, went missing two weeks ago.

She temporarily overcame the loss of the step by borrowing a piece 
of equipment from the centre’s gym.

But this is not a long-term solution. She is hoping to find a replacement in a caravan shop.

Norah takes keep-fit classes at the centre on Monday and Tuesday mornings. She also teaches tap dancing on Wednesday mornings.

She likes to get on to the stage for the keep-fit sessions so her class can see the moves she is passing on.

Some 30-35 members of the centre for the over-50s typically go along to one of her classes.

“I started doing keep-fit when I was 14,” said Norah. “I’ve been teaching it for over 60 years. I love to do it and the company in the classes is absolutely wonderful.

“I can tell them to do any exercises. They seem to enjoy it and I enjoy it, too.”

This is the first time the step has gone missing.

“I’ve tried to use different things to replace it, but they have not been very successful,” said Norah.

Her classes are among a range of activities which take place at the centre, run by Age UK West Sussex, to exercise its members’ bodies and minds. They include line dancing, aerobics, digital photography and painting.

Services such as hairdressing and chiropody are also available as well as the fully-equipped gym with its fitness classes.