MP is relishing a unique return to the government

SCHOOLS reform minister Nick Gibb returned to Bognor Regis after his first week back in government to declare: ‘Its business as usual’.

Mr Gibb is eagerly making the most of his unique return to the heart of political decision making in the Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition.

He said: “I’m back to doing what I did before – looking at teaching, the curriculum, qualifications and behaviour in schools.

“Maths is a big issue for me and reading continues to be a matter of concern.”

As reported, the Conservative MP for Bognor Regis was recalled by the prime minister, David Cameron, to the department for education in his latest reshuffle.

The surprise move came 22 months after Mr Cameron axed Mr Gibb from the minister’s role he had occupied for just over two years in an earlier reshuffle.

“I don’t think there is any precedent for a minister coming back to government in the same post,” said Mr Gibb on Friday during one of his regular visits to Bognor.

He added many of the civil servants were the same but the size of the department had shrunk.

Mr Gibb will continue on his ministerial work during the parliamentary summer recess ready for the brief return of MPs in September before the annual party conferences when the politicians will begin to set out their battle lines for the general election next May.

“The economy will be the key issue at the election,” he said. “But, when you look at the next layer of issues, things like welfare reform, immigration reform and education will be among them. The Conservatives have a good story to tell.

“I believe very strongly in academic standards in schools. Labour and the Liberal Democrats have their own views.”