Mountain clue to lost camera’s owner

SOMEBODY who has lost a camera in Bexhill clearly has a head for heights.

For when officers at Bexhill police station checked images stored on the camera in a bid to identify its owner, they found photographs taken on an expedition to Mount Everest.

At 29,029 feet (8,848 metres) it is the world’s highest peak, set amid the Himalayas on the border between China and Nepal.

Sgt Sarah Porter, Bexhill’s new Neighbourhood Policing Sergeant, said: “The camera also contained general family pictures, but the scenes from Everest mark it out as something special.”

The camera was found by a member of the public in Herbrand Walk, near Normans Bay, on Sunday, May 12. Sgt Porter urged its owner to call police on 101 or visit Bexhill police station in Terminus Road between 10am and 2pm or 3pm to 6pm on any weekday.