VIDEO: Veteran brings D-Day landings to life in Bognor Regis

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D-DAY veteran Ken Tout brought the invasion to life for members of a Bognor Regis-based group.

Dr Tout vividly described the aftermath of the Allied landings on the Normandy beaches 70 years ago this June.

He recalled incidents which had happened to him and his colleagues as they battled the German army through France, Belgium, Holland and into Germany.

He said: “War was different to how I had imagined it and it’s different to how it’s shown in films. I was a trooper in a Sherman tank in the Northamptonshire Yeomanry and there were five of us in the tank.

“The only people you can see are those five men. We could hear all that was going on in our regiment through our headsets, but we couldn’t see anybody else.

“Everyone hides in war. Otherwise, they are shot.”

Dr Tout’s recollections were the subject of last month’s meeting of the recently-formed Chichester and Bognor Regis branch of the Civil Service Retirement Fellowship.

Dr Tout, 90, from Rustington, landed on Gold beach some three days after D-Day on June 6.

For the full story see the Bognor Regis Observer out tomorrow (Thursday, February 6)




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