VIDEO: Florida-style waterspout off the Selsey coast

Waiting for Video...

A FLURRY of readers’ photos have been sent to the Observer following a water spout off the coast at Selsey and Bognor Regis.

Tina Pettitt recorded this video on Sunday evening (June 29) around 7pm from Selsey.

A senior meteorologist at the Met Office said on Monday: “Weather conditions yesterday were such that a number of ingredients came together to make an ideal set-up for waterspouts off the south coast of England.

“The prevailing wind direction was a northerly flow off the land, whilst the sunny conditions earlier in the day had allowed a sea breeze to develop causing a southwesterly flow off the sea.

“Where the two winds met – where the air converged – it caused clouds to bubble up, and it was from these that the waterspout formed. “The plentiful energy available in the atmosphere yesterday meant that the clouds didn’t need to build so high before the waterspout developed.

“It was a similar situation to that which is common in Florida during the summer months.”




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