VIDEO: Firefighters hold training exercise at Butlin’s

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A DRAMATIC fire and rescue exercise at a Bognor Regis holiday resort provided essential on the job training.

Fire crews from across the area rushed to the town’s Butlin’s holiday park on Monday as part of a training exercise.

Exercise director and watch commander Jim Mackay said: “From our point of view we are really pleased with how it went.

“We have lots of things that we can learn from and build on. Obviously had it been a real emergency we may have made slightly different decisions, but this exercise was as realistic as we could make it.”

Mr Mackay said he was also pleased with the way Butlin’s staff had responded to events.

“Many of them at first did not know that it was a training exercise and staff responded well.

“Two in fact were praised by the volunteers who were acting as casualties,” he added.

A spokesman for Butlin’s said: “Butlin’s are always happy to be a part of events and exercises commissioned by Services in the local area.

“We always make it a priority to ensure both our guests and people within the local community are made to feel safe and accounted for at all times, and enjoyed having the West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service with us on Monday.

“Thanks to all the members staff who helped make the exercise a seamless and educational one.”

For the full story see the Bognor Regis Observer out on Thursday, March 13.




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