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MARRIED couples from around Bognor Regis renewed their commitment to each other to help set a new world record.

The 34 husbands and wives took part in the Big Promise event at St Mary Magdalene Church.

The occasion saw a total of 1,427 couples in venues across the UK re-affirming their marriage vows at once to smash the previous 
record of 1,089 couples.

The ceremony was led by Father Tim Crook and took place at 5.15pm.

Among those who re-confirmed their faith to each other were Middleton pair Elizabeth and Victor Marelli, both 82, of Meadow Walk.

They celebrated 60 years of marriage last November 28.

Mrs Marelli said: “This ceremony is a good opportunity to re-affirm our vows. What I said 60 years ago meant so much to me. I still feel it now.

“Marriage is about love, friendship, happiness, sharing things and having a family.

“I would not swap my life for anybody’s. I have had a wonderful life.”

The couple have a son and a daughter, five grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

They planned to re-confirm their vows on the diamond anniversary of their wedding in the church at Surbiton where they were married.

But the church had changed too much and they instead gave thanks for their marriage, with a bridesmaid who flew in from Australia, in St Mary’s Church, Felpham.

Kevin and Fiona Partridge were at the ceremony having been married in the Dominican Republic in November, 2010.

The couple were present with their two children, Grace, three, and three-and-a-half-month-old son, Logan.

Mr Patridge, 41, of The Paddock, South Bersted, said: “We come to St Mary Magdalene and this ceremony seemed like a nice thing to do.

“We also wanted to be part of a world record attempt. Being married shows a commitment to someone for the rest of your life.”

Mrs Partridge, 32, said: “It means we are going to go through life’s ups and downs together until the end and have beautiful children.”

The ceremony at St Mary Magdalene, in Bersted Street, was organised by church-goers Daryl and Anita Martin.

Mr Martin said: “We were looking for 25 couples to take part. So, we are well over that.

“But we would have held the ceremony no matter how many turned up because we wanted to celebrate marriage.

“As Christians, we believe marriage is important. It is one of the building blocks of society.”




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