John is superman slimmer in group

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SUPER slimmer John Holcroft has become the man of the year at an Aldingbourne group.

John went along to the Slimming World sessions run by Rachel Cornell after being told he could be killed by the exertions of cleaning out his loft.

He plucked up courage and has never looked back. It’s a case of size matters as his clothing has dropped from XXL to L and his 40ins waist has shrunk to 36ins – and continues to fall.

John said: “It feels fantastic now. I couldn’t get up the stairs before with my five- and seven-year-old daughters.

“My young daughters also kept making comments about why I was so fat.
Even my wife agreed I had put on a few extra pounds.

“My doctor told me after a routine check I had dangerously-high blood pressure.

“In fact, I was told not to clean out the loft as I wouldn’t survive it.

“After numerous checks and tests, they found I had a slightly enlarged heart thanks to stress from a previous job and being overweight.”

The weight gain had occurred when John, 37, of St John’s Close, moved into management and began snacking on crisps and chocolate in a previous job.

Now the head greenkeeper of a golf course, he weighed 18st 1lbs at his biggest.

He decided to tackle his flab but his efforts to go on different diets failed to last long.

He eventually decided to join Rachel’s group several weeks after he found out its details, and has never looked back.

“I needed the routine of weighing in each week and being monitored and supported,” he said.

Seven months later, and he is 16st 4lbs, and on his way to his target of 15st.

Rachel said: “I’m incredibly proud of John. He’s a real inspiration.

“He is proof that men can benefit from getting support to eat more healthily and become more active as much as women.

“Lots of local men have joined the group after hearing about his success.”

John is among ten men in the group who have lost 32.5 stones between them.

This backs research about men’s success at slimming recently presented to a European conference about the subject.