Future carnivals to be run privately

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CARNIVAL fun in Bognor Regis will no longer be run by the town council.

The decision Bognor Regis Town Council would stopping running the carnival was taken by its events, promotions and publicity committee. But that might not mean the end of the event as the council has pledged to offer as much support as they can to a private group taking it over.

Cllr Pat Dillon told his fellow committee members a local group was interested in taking it over and there had been some positive discussions.

He said: “There have been some good discussions and they are confident they can get a lot of people together to support and bring the carnival forward.”

Cllr Dillion said he had also had a lot of positive comments about the pirate event run in June and people had been asking if it could be held again.

Sue Holmes, the council’s head of street scene and leisure services said: “We changed the format of the carnival to try to get more people interested.

“We sent out 75 invitations to different groups.

“The idea had been for us to work with another group to put on the event, but after they pulled out there was a lot for us to do.

“It is unusual for a town council to run a carnival I think we must be the only one.”

Fellow committee member Cllr Roger Nash said: “I think from our experiences of running the carnival last year it didn’t really work.

“People enjoyed it but not as a carnival.

“We know the issues with running a carnival and our team have worked very hard on it, but I think it is time we adopt a method where a separate group runs it and we offer them whatever support we can, be that financial or otherwise.”

Committee chairman Jim Brooks said: “It is good to hear that we already have someone interested in running the carnival and I am sure Sue and her team will give them as much support as they are able to.

“If you look at successful events run in the town by individual groups, things like the Illuminations Gala, the Folk festival and Rox they are all run by passionate people.”