Funding bid to help protect Middleton

PROMPT work should ensure Middleton benefits from a £50,000 flood defence scheme.

Parish council clerk David Allsopp lodged an expression of interest in getting the money from the county council’s Operation Watershed funding. He made the move last September to get the funds to improve the land drainage on Shrubb’s Field.

The county council suddenly announced in mid-December the community funding from Operation Watershed was being ended.

Mr Allsopp’s actions in beating the abrupt deadline were backed by the parish councillors. They agreed at December’s meeting to apply for the money, backed by county councillor Joan Phillips.

In his report, Mr Allsopp stated: “In broad terms, the proposal will be for a professional land drainage system to be installed on the eastern area of the field covering an area of some 200m x 80m, or four acres.

“This will comprise an underground pipe network which will collect water via many ‘slits’ in the grass surface which will be filled with sand to permit water penetration.

“The water will then be channelled through pipes to a large underground attenuation tank situated in the north-east corner of the field.

“This will then trickle the water into Elmer Road’s surface water pipe. The trickle effect will prevent water surges in times of high rainfall.”

Residents in adjoining Southdean Drive were keen the surplus soil was used to create a bund along the field’s eastern boundary to provide extra protection to properties in the road, he stated.

A covered, but porous, gulley would be needed at the St Nicholas Church car park to collect water.

It would need to be channelled away from the area, he added.