Fresh proposal made for new housing in Yapton

A FRESH bid has been made to build new homes in Yapton.

Keith Langmead has applied for outline planning permission for up to 100 homes on land to the south of Ford Lane and east of North End Road.

The site is an arable field in the north western part of a 25.4-hectare plot for which he is seeking planning approval for a maximum of 250 dwellings.

Mr Langmead’s planning agent at Strutt & Parker says the latest scheme is his attempt at seeking to overcome 
the concerns about the impact of the 
higher number of homes on the surrounding area.

Paul Collins says in a statement with the outline application it has been submitted to determine the principle of developing the 6.7ha even though it is located outside the built-up area boundary.

“It is considered that this proposal is a demonstrably sustainable form of development that provides a clear opportunity to deliver economic, social and environmental benefits for Yapton and help to address unfilled housing needs in the district generally,” he states.

“Subject to the imposition of appropriately-worded conditions and planning obligations, it is considered there are no adverse impacts that would significantly and demonstrably outweigh the benefits of the scheme.”

The economic benefits would be helping to build a strong economy by ensuring sufficient land of the right type was available in the right places in Yapton.

The benefits socially would come through providing the supply of housing required, particularly social housing, to meet the needs of present and future generations.

This was expected to be a mix of two, three and four-bedroom homes. Up to 30 of them would be affordable dwellings.

The environmental benefits would be contributing to protecting and enhancing the natural, built and historic environment.

The proposal includes creating public open space, such as 2.2ha, around the south east of the site and footpath 358 as well as footpath 357 and green corridors.

The number of intended homes had been chosen to fit the district council’s intention for a minimum of 100 homes to be built in Yapton up to 2031.

Mr Collins said the proposed development site was divorced from the conservation area which surrounds the Grade I-listed St Mary’s Church.

The view of the church tower from the southern ends of the two footpaths 
would be expanded by introducing 
public open space.

Mr Langmead’s previous, larger, application was rejected by Arun for eight reasons last March.

Some have since been solved in talks with the council, but those that remain relate to the impact of the size and location of the housing.

These will be tested in a public inquiry from September 2 at which a planning inspector will decide the matter.