Flooding in Easebourne causes traffic chaos

Flooding at North Mill Bridge, Midhurst this afternoon
Flooding at North Mill Bridge, Midhurst this afternoon
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BREAKING NEWS: THERE was traffic chaos in Midhurst and Easebourne after rainwater flooded North Mill Bridge, Easebourne Street and Easebourne Lane this afternoon (December 14).

At the height of the flooding an eye witness reported seeing cars trying to cross North Mill Bridge with rainwater flooded up to their car doors.

One motorist said it took him 40 minutes to travel from Easebourne Church to the North Mill Bridge roundabout where the A286 and the A272 converge.

Meanwhile cars were at a standstill right back to the other end of town along the A286 Chichester Road and there were long queues on the A272 out of Midhurst towards Stedham.

Firefighters helped to clear drains beside the road and slowly the floodwater is escaping into the river, leaving trails of mud on the roads.