Extra time given for Pagham works

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EXTRA time has been granted for essential beach protection work in Pagham.

Workers have an extra week – until this Sunday – to finish building a 120m long rock along the West Front Road frontage.

The work should have been completed by last Sunday but its start was delayed to make it impossible to meet the deadline imposed to safeguard the area’s wildlife.

Pagham Beach Residents’ Association chairman David Huntley told councillors last week: “We would like work to continue until it is finished.

“It’s essential this work is finished so our beach is safe for the foreseeable future.

“Some homes were less than ten metres from the sea by the time work started.”

He said the work was two months late starting because of a delay in getting approval from the Marine Management Organisation.

An Arun District Council spokeswoman said: “We have been granted an extension from the Marine Management Organisation to December 8 which should allow us to complete the work. We are making every effort to ensure it is carried out with minimal impact on the local wildlife.”

The £500,000 project is being carried out by Earlcoate Construction.

A spokesman said 6,600 tons of rocks, each weighing 3-6 tons, was being placed on a filter barrier designed to contain the finer materials within the beach behind the new structure.

“Most of the rock is being imported from Norway and offloaded from barges on the nearest part of the beach and moved by dumper trucks to be used by Earlcote’s plant.