Trees will be felled to clear Elmer ditch

NEARLY 30 trees are to be axed to help stop Middleton from flooding.

The specimens will be chopped down as part of a ditch-clearing programme.

Farmer James Baird received planning permission for the work along 1km from Arun District Council.

Cllr Ricky Bower (Con, East Preston) welcomed the work. “All historic ditches in Elmer and Middleton have to be cleared to alleviate some of the problems we had last summer,” he said.

“I support this and I would support the clearing of any ditch for the same reason.”

Mr Baird applied to fell 13 sycamore, seven hazel and nine hawthorn trees 
from the ditch between Ancton Way and Sunnymead Close.

A total of 17 letters of objection were received by the council, but planning officer Juan Baeza said only young self-seeded trees were affected.