Felpham school celebrates eco flag honour

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A special flag is flying proudly in the grounds of a Felpham school.

Bishop Tufnell CofE Infant School has been awarded a Green Eco Flag in recognition of its efforts to become more environmentally-friendly.

To celebrate its success the school held a special ceremony, during which the Right Rev Mark Sowerby, Bishop of Horsham, blessed the flag.

Headteacher Rosemary Appleby said it had taken three years of hard work to achieve the accolade.

“Our success has really involved the whole community. Everyone has contributed to our success from children, parents, school staff and governors to the wider community.

“Achieving the flag is not the end of the commitment, we must continue and hope the community will continue to support us.”

Some 270 children aged between four and seven gathered to watch the flag be hoisted for the first time.

The event started with the children singing God’s Love is like a Circle, followed by the blessing of the flag by the bishop.

He said: “I was honoured and pleased to be asked to come along and bless the special flag which recognises all your hard work.

“You have been learning about how to come to school in the most environmentally-friendly way possible. I understand some of you walk to school, some of you cycle and some of you come on your scooters.

“Sadly it was too far for me to come to the school on a scooter or walk, but I did come in a special hybrid car that is more environmentally-friendly.

“We are all trying to make a difference, and you are setting a good example. The eco flag will proudly fly as a reminder of your hard work and the beauty of your world.”

The children closed the proceedings by singing If I Could Build the World a Home and Furnish it With Love.

To be awarded the flag the school embraced all things green, and set up two eco-teams, one made up of 12 pupils, two representatives from each class, and another made up of eight adults.

Deputy head Sharon Ivall said: “The eco-teams and the whole community has worked incredibly hard. The children have been brilliant coming up with ideas.

“They have created their own eco-code which is proudly displayed, and have even suggested adding pictures to it so the younger children can understand it better.

“Each class also has its own vegetable planter, and we have recently developed our wild area.”

The school will definitely have the flag for two years, but to keep it any longer the hard work must continue.

“We think there are only about 38 schools in Sussex that have the flag. We will continue improving to ensure we can keep it,” added Mrs Ivall.

“It will take a lot of hard work from the whole community but we are all committed.”