Dog poo painted pink in gardens’ campaign

Pink poo
Pink poo

VOLUNTEERS sprayed dog poo pink in a Bongor Regis open space to highlight the messy problem.

Bognor Community Gardeners joined forces recently with Arun District Council officers to raise awareness of the situation.

The campaign this month in the Hothamton Sunken Gardens was organised by the council’s parks team after a request from the site’s community gardeners.

The piles of poo were painted pink and left for a week to show dog owners the mess from their pets didn’t just disappear.

Stickers featuring the ‘dog poo fairy’ were also placed on dog fouling bins to show there was no magic wand for the mess. Early signs showed the campaign seemed to be having an effect. Fewer loads of dog’s mess could be seen soon afterwards.

Paul Dendle, Arun’s cabinet member for environmental services, said: “The problem of dog fouling in parks seems to be especially bad at the moment and we have received a number of complaints from our residents.

“Responsible dog owners must clean up after their pets to avoid causing problems for the dedicated council staff and volunteers who are trying to create beautiful parks for others to enjoy.

“Dog owners who do not clear up after their pets could also end up with a fine.”

As reported in last week’s Observer, dog fouling has become a particular problem in recent months in the sunken gardens between Waterloo Square and the Hothamton car park, Waterloo Square and Steyne Gardens.

A count one week last month revealed 79 piles of poo littering the three areas.

The council’s members are being asked to tackle the problem by considering hiring patrols to issue fixed penalty notices to dog owners whose pets foul public open spaces.

The patrols - to be jointly funded with parish and town councils - could either be carried out by hiring PCs and PCSOs or a specialist contractor.

The first stage towards the final decision was being taken by Arun’s environmental services and community development working group last night.