Demand made for council to stage meetings

A STRONG demand has been made for public meetings to be held in Bognor Regis about the town’s major concerns.

Hugh Coster, the deputy chairman of Bognor Regis Civic Society, said it was essential regular sessions were held.

These would enable residents to freely quiz senior Arun District Council members and officers.

He repeated the society’s view at least two question and answer sessions should be held annually by the council. “They are accountable to the public and we still have to insist they face the public,” he told last Friday’s meeting of the society.

He warned the society’s patience was wearing thin.

It was unacceptable for Mrs Brown and other senior Arun councillors and officers to reject 12 invitations to attend the society’s meetings, he said.

“They have to attend a public meeting and debate all the issues the public want to raise with them,” he said.

“There has to be a measured escalating campaign to achieve that.

“If they won’t come to the people of Bognor, the people of Bognor will have to go to them, unfortunately, and make it uncomfortable for them if they are not going to listen to us in any other way.”