Decision expected soon about 20mph


A DECISION is likely in the next month about the prospect of a 20mph speed limit for Felpham.

Responses from the recent consultation about the proposal for the parish’s residential roads are being analysed by the county council.

Bernadette Gledhill, a county council senior technician, told Felpham Parish Council she expected that to be finished by the end of this month.

Some 1,700 answers were received by the June 20 deadline from the 5,100 sent out.

“It will be mid-to-end July before the results are known,” she said.

“I will then arrange a meeting with the county councillor (Graham Jones) to discuss them. He has the final decision whether the scheme goes ahead.”

She said it would be possible for Cllr Jones to have one or two parish councillors with him. His decision will be reported to the county council members of the Joint Western Arun Area Committee to have the final say.

The 20mph limit is part of a £500,000 package of measures designed to slow down traffic as it passes through Felpham village centre. But the additional measures could still go ahead without it, said Ms Gledhill.

Felpham Parish Council chairman Cllr Paul English said it was important residents’ views were paramount in the recommended scheme.

“The idea is to turn Felpham into a safer village. The scheme is to get traffic using the new A259.

“That should bring traffic levels down because they should make it uncomfortable for motorists to go through Felpham and quicker to go round us.

“That’s what these small measures are for. We can only hope they work,” he said.

“We should have a 50 per cent drop in traffic coming through Felpham. All we can do is to go down that route as best we can.

Cllr Glenn Powell called for any money which became available as the work was finalised to be spent on additional elements to ensure the most improvements were made.