Dave thanks all those who helped

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A BOGNOR Regis man who had been living on the streets has thanked those who helped him to re-start his life.

Dave Tilley is revelling 
in having his own four 
walls to call home instead of a bus shelter.

He is also working his way through a computer course to improve his chances of securing a job to boost his life still further.

Mr Tilley, 53, said: “I hope that this letter will give people in a similar situation some hope for getting back to a more normal way of life.

“While I am still struggling to resume some kind of normality, I am still continually seeking employment.

“But, at this time of year, and the general situation, it is not easy for anyone.”

As reported last October, Mr Tilley became homeless after his work as a gardener dried up. He tried to get a 
job on a building site but was unlucky.

He ended up sleeping rough in a bus shelter in Middleton last September following the move away of a friend with whom he had been sharing accommodation.

He had tried to gain a place in a hostel for homeless people, but could only get on to the waiting list.

His nomadic life ended on November 4 when the Stonepillow charity, working with Arun District Council, opened the Glenlogie hostel in Clarence Road regularly for the first time.

Mr Tilley stayed there until December 23 when he was able to move into a room on Hawthorn Road which the charity found for him.

“I want to convey my gratitude and appreciation to Stonepillow,” he said. “Their great help and devoted work resulted in temporary accommodation for me when I was homeless.

“I continue to visit them on open days. Without their help during the winter, it would have been very difficult to survive.

“I am also most grateful to special friends and complete strangers for their unsolicited help.
“Although too many to list, they will know who they are when they read this.”

He also thanked the Bognor Foodbank for its helpers’ regular assistance.