Drug swabs will take place in Bognor Regis pubs and clubs

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Pub-goers and clubbers will be swabbed for drugs as part of a special operation in Bognor Regis.

Hand swabs will be taken by police as a condition of entry to get into some pubs and clubs in the town on Saturday, March 31.

Sergeant Chris Pipkin of Bognor Regis neighbourhood policing team said: “Using high-tech equipment we can swab people’s hands and test to see if they have had any recent contact with illegal drugs.

“On Saturday we will be using this equipment to test the hands of people entering pubs and clubs in Bognor Regis.

“If it is shown that the person has come into contact with drugs and that they are subsequently in possession of drugs then they can expect to be arrested.

“If you are arrested and charged with possession of drugs you will get a criminal record which may affect your working life and family.

“Drug use also has dangerous consequences for your health and causes wider drug-related criminality.

“Drug abuse is linked not only to the other types of crime, but to homelessness, domestic abuse and anti-social behaviour. It is for all these reasons that tackling drugs remains a priority for Sussex Police and its partner agencies.”

If someone refuses to have their hands swabbed they will not be allowed entry into the venue. Further testing nights in the Arun district will take place in coming months.