Bognor Regis residents warned to be wary of scam letters

THE Neighbourhood Policing Team in Bognor Regis is warning residents to be wary of scam letters.

One local woman was sent a letter from a group claiming to be an insurance company.

It told her she owed them a small amount of money, around £50.

The lady’s husband had sadly passed away a few years ago and it was he that handled all the finances.

Upon contacting her bank it was not aware of any such accounts or payments that had been set up linking to this insurance company.

The resident was however contacted by phone about this payment and told that she in fact was owed £3,000.

All she had to do was send a cheque for £155 which would later be returned.

PCSO Ollie Smith said: “This may sound like a great deal but this is extremely unlikely to actually happen.

“Thankfully the lady in question did not send any money and contacted Sussex Police instead.”

There were a number of points this resident found suspicious:

The ‘insurance company’ never stated its trading name.

When asked to send the details in writing by post the resident was told that this company didn’t do this as it took up too much time.

It was requested the cheque was sent through a couple of minor post offices around Bognor. PCSO Smith said this is unusual in itself.

If you have any knowledge of this scam then please contact PCSO Smith on 0845 60 70 999, ext. 85220.