Claim of doubling-up was voiced

A DEMAND to stop doubling up on services for young people in Bognor Regis has been made.

Jan Cosgrove told members of the joint western Arun area committee he believed West Sussex County Council’s Find It Service was duplicating what was already provided by the Number 18 Project of which he is the chairman.

Speaking at the committee’s meeting on September 17, Mr Cosgrove said: “Well I examine the duck.

“We have counselling rooms – they have counselling rooms, we have a sexual health clinic room – they have one, we have a snooker table – would you believe it they have one.

“Secondly, why if it is not duplicating what we are doing why have young people in the schools been told that our place is closed and does not do these things anymore? Why?”

Greg Merrett, who represents the county council as the committee’s principle community officer, said he would look into Mr Cosgrove’s concerns.