Choir delights residents with its performances

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SINGERS have treated residents of a Barnham care home to a live choral performance.

The 20 young members of the Springfield Choir from the Plymouth Bethren Christian Church visited Barnham Manor Care Home to provide an entertaining time.

Their appearance was such a success they were invited back for an encore.

Chris Penson, from the church, said: “The music clearly struck a chord and the choir felt privileged to have had the opportunity to prepare and present something that has brought such pleasure.”

The choir sang a selection of well-known songs and hymns to an appreciative audience.

The numbers they performed included classics like Vera Lynn’s We’ll Meet Again and hymns such as The Lord is my Shepherd. The choir, from the church based in Aldingbourne, distributed free gift packs and Bibles to the residents.

They visited the Sussex Down Care Home in Storrington as well where they were also asked back to perform for the residents again.

Songsheets were handed out for the residents to join in with the classics.

“The music clearly struck a chord,” said Chris, “and the choir felt privileged to have the opportunity to prepare and present something that brought such pleasure.

“Staff and residents were equally appreciative.”