VOTE: Should road signs advertising a firm be allowed to remain in place?

Christopher Parker
Christopher Parker

Business owner Chris Parker is set to go to court to keep his Yapton venture alive.

Mr Parker claims he is being persecuted by Arun District Council with its demands he obey the law and take down 25 brightly coloured signs he has put up on roads leading to his premises.

“It’s a matter of survival for me,” he said. “If those signs have to come down, I might as well shut up and go home. I see plenty of signs 5ft high along the A259. So, I don’t see why my A4-sized signs shouldn’t be allowed.”

Mr Parker gathered 25 names on the first day of a petition he started last Thursday. to be allowed to keep the signs.

Mr Parker, 48, of Bognor Regis, opened his business, Antique Barn, in early October.

It is in the front section of premises on Orchard Business Park, on North End Road, in which he worked as a French polisher for four years.

He buys damaged furniture and restores it to sell on the internet.

He has twice moved the signs around the roads after being told by Arun they were illegal.

“I just want to establish myself as a business,” said Mr Parker.

An Arun spokeswoman said: “The council will continue to seek the voluntary removal of the advertisements and is happy to work with Mr Parker to achieve this.

“However, if the matter is not resolved quickly, formal action will be taken.”

A complaint about at least five signs around Yapton was received on October 5, she said.

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