Trainee lawyer on how she got the job

Trainee laywer Aimee Ellery   Picture by Louise Adams
Trainee laywer Aimee Ellery Picture by Louise Adams

BOGNOR Regis 23-year-old Aimee Ellery is a trainee solicitor at well-established Chichester law firm George Ide.

At a time when many young people are finding it tough to get their dream job, Aimee said it was all about determination and getting the right experience.

She went to The Regis School and said it was when she started sixth form that she started to think about 
her career.

“It was between fashion and law, and I went for law,” she said.

She got a place at Surrey University to study law and the rest was history.

“I went to university for three years and you can’t just come out and be a solicitor you have to go to law school,” she said.

“After law school you have to get a training contract which is kind of like an apprenticeship. They’re very, very hard to get. There’s more people coming up and more competition. It is cut-throat.”

She had worked for George Ide in an admin role when she was studying at law school, and this gave her some great experience.

After law school there was a short gap before landing her contract at George Ide, but that didn’t stop Aimee from working. She managed to get a job at Rolls Royce, sewing the interior of the super-luxury cars.

“I had the skills to fall back on,” she said.

But George Ide remembered Aimee from some part-time work she had done at the firm while she was at law school, and she was asked to come for an interview for a trainee job.

“When George Ide offered me the contract, obviously I was over the moon.”

Her advice to budding lawyers is: “If you have the drive and you have the ambition and the positive attitude to achieve, then there are so many opportunities for you. I would say go for it.

“When I got offered the training contract, that was the start of my career.”

Aimee will qualify and be a fully-fledged solicitor in 18 months.