Plans for new Bognor Regis fast-food restaurant are revealed

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WELL over a hundred customers an hour are expected to be served at the biggest fast food restaurant for the Bognor Regis area.

McDonald’s has unveiled its plans for the eat-in restaurant and drive-through at the entrance to the Southern Cross Industrial Estate.

The company wants to build the two-storey branch as soon as possible.

A traffic survey compiled for its planning application to Arun District Council shows its busiest times are expected to be from midday-1pm on Saturdays and 5pm-6pm on Fridays.

The Saturdays are expected to see 95 customers driving in and 92 driving out of the site as well as 21 pedestrians walking in and 17 leaving.

On Friday evenings, the total is anticipated to be 91 vehicles in and 82 out and 14 pedestrians in and seven out.

The analysis says the extra traffic will only add an extra 1.7 per cent to the 3,469 vehicles an hour using the Shripney Road roundabout.

Information from its planning agent, Matthew Carpenter of Planware, says the firm wants to get on with the work.

“McDonald’s have funding in place and would like to open the restaurant very soon after permission is granted,” he says in a statement.

The branch will create some 65 full and part-time jobs. He states: “With the exception of the management team, almost all of these will be recruited from the local community.”

Up to 15 staff will work at any time, with 30 on duty during any day.

“The proposed development makes full use of the land available for the successful operation of the drive through restaurant. Adequate parking has been provided (35 spaces) and land has been set aside for appropriate landscaping,” says Mr Carpenter.

“The restaurant employs a modern design, natural materials and a neutral palette. It is considered that the building will integrate easily with the existing buildings on site and the retail centre to the west.”