Bigger school will cause more traffic


EXTRA traffic will be added to Felpham’s roads by a decision to scrap plans for a new school, it has been claimed.

Cllr Ricky Bower has criticised West Sussex County Council’s proposal to extend Downview Primary School instead of building a new school on the site six housing development.

Land was put aside for a school on the estate when Arun District Council granted planning permission for the 
700-plus homes.

But, as reported, education officers and councillors at the county council want to add classrooms to Downview school in Wroxham Way.

Cllr Bower, who heads Arun District Council’s planning work, said deep concern existed on its policy site six advisory group about the change.

“We feel that promises are not being delivered and that is deplorable,” he said. “Traffic from policy site six is going to have use the existing Felpham Road to get to Downview school.

“It is within walking distance of the new homes, but only if you go down 
an alleyway.

“In inclement weather, parents are going to take their children to school by car. It’s inevitable.

“The county’s highways department don’t want to encourage extra drivers on to the roads and the education department wants to put schools so far away from developments everybody has to use 
cars to take their children there and add vehicles to the roads.

“I will continue to make this point at every available opportunity.”

Cllr Bower (C, East Preston) made his criticism at last week’s meeting of Arun’s Bognor Regis regeneration 

He said the decision to abandon the new school proposal went against the government’s intention that all new developments should be sustainable.

As reported, Arun made no planning objections to the extension of Downview school. It will consist of a 12classroom teaching block and extending the existing office and hall.

The changes will enable 630 pupils to be taught compared to the current 420. The final decision on the plan has yet to be made by the county council.