Bid to reclaim power for the people

ELECTION candidates are required in Bognor Regis to turn back the clock for the sake of the town’s future.

The contenders for the next district council elections are needed to lead an assault by the Bognor Regis and District Residents’ Association on the ballot box.

The association wants to field a host of individuals who would be willing to shun politics for the sake of the town in an echo of the role of the once-powerful ratepayers’ association decades ago.

Bognor Regis Civic Society vice-chairman Hugh Coster revealed the association’s plans at the society’s meeting last Friday.

“It’s time to take politics out of the situation,” he said. “Don’t read anything political into this. It’s the people representing the people. That’s what is important.

“This is the chance for people to have their say. The power needs to come out of the hands of the political elite and come right into the hands of ordinary poeple.”

He said the association would support the candidates in the build up to polling day in May 2015 to ensure they would win.

“It’s not really difficult to be a councillor and it’s not as daunting as it may seem. There is a bit of work involved but the council’s officers are really helpful. It can be done.”

Jim Brooks, who has been an Independent town and district councillor for some six years, said: “Arun hold free seminars on how to be a councillor. People should take advantage of them.”

Campaigner Tony Dixon said: “It’s really important everybody recognises the object of the exercise if regime change at the district council.

“The only way to get that is if everybody works together. There must be no vote splitting.”

The association’s first act was to present a petition earlier this month to Arun against the proposed multiplex.

Any potential candidates should email