Animal-lovers tend lonely horse

ANGRY animal-lovers have been out in force looking after a fully-grown pony which has been apparently abandoned on the edge of Yapton.

The pony was left tethered on the road leading from the A259 to the village, on a narrow strip of grassland, about August 14.

It had previously been with a family of travellers who had a caravan, an awning, another van they were trying to sell and a two-wheeled trap.

But after a week they disappeared. They initially took the horse with them, but a short time later the animal re-appeared at the site.

Police, RSPCA, the Worthing animal rescue service and the horse rescue charity have been inundated with complaints.

Meanwhile, an ever-increasing number of people have seen the plight of the animal and have returned to regularly feed it with carrots, apples, fresh hay and other goodies.

Jaine Wild, of West Sussex Wildlife Trust is one of those who are helping the horse.

She said: “This is so cruel. Just to up and go and leave a lovely animal like this to fend for itself is dreadful. They should be ashamed of themselves.”

Another regular feeder, Eileen Mayes said: “If this the way travellers treat their animals, they should not have them.”

She called on the government to clamp down on travellers.

She and others have been making telephone calls to the charities daily in the hope something will soon be done to give the animal a better life.