Anglers asked to tidy up after themselves

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FISHERMEN around Bognor Regis have been urged to clean up.

The request to the anglers to be more careful was given by West Sussex Wildlife Protection after a herring gull became entangled in a discarded fishing line.

The trapped bird was mobbed by angry crows before it could be rescued.

It was taken to the Alphapet Veterinary Clinic in West Meads for treatment.

Simon Wild, from West Sussex Wildlife Protection, said fishermen needed to tidy up after themselves.

“This is a sea angling hook. The bird has flown in to land and the hook has snagged on one of its feet.

“It is a warning to anglers to be more careful as the bird could have died a slow death.

“Fortunately, as we were called promptly, we have saved it and it is now being treated at Alphapet Veterinary Clinic.

“We are concerned that there will be more incidents like this as the warmer weather comes and as the school holidays start,” he said.

The gull’s rescue occurred a few days after another gull was rescued by firefighters in Felpham.

The herring gull was stuck on the beach close to Sea Drive.

It had become lodged in a lobster-type pot on top of a 30ft pole.

The fire crew, from Bognor fire station, worked with the RSPCA for 46 minutes to free the gull.