A yellow brick road is wanted

A YELLOW brick road is wanted through the shopping precinct in Bognor Regis.

The current design for the London Road shopping area is boring, the town’s civic society members have decided.

The near 30 members present at last Friday’s meeting voted by a decisive majority to call for a re-think of the proposals available to the public.

They also wanted a say in the final design which is being prepared ready for work to start on the project which forms a £650,000 town-centre improvement package.

Joan Phillips, the UKIP councillor for Middleton, said: “We want to have bright colours, like a yellow bright road. I don’t believe that what is being proposed is attractive.

“It’s not what I would like to see if I came to Bognor. I would like to see flowers and vibrant colours.”

Society member Ian Harding said: “It should be colourful, warm and welcoming.

“The proposed stonework looks so boring. It’s basically the same colours as we have now. We are supposed to be a holiday resort. Why do we not learn from people like the Spanish?

“They have wavy coloured lines of paving through some of their precincts.

“It could look really attractive – starting from the station to London Road and on to the seafront.

“The promenade could be brought in to match in years to come.”

A fellow member, Clive Mott, said: “From looking at these pictures, the scheme is a complete and utter waste of money.”

Mary Harvey, another member, said: “It’s so colourless, bland, clinical and horrid.”

Hugh Coster, the society’s deputy chairman, said further consultation should be carried out before the final design was implemented.

“Maybe not enough imagination has gone into this scheme. It needs more colour in there,” he said.

The last scheme revealed to the public was shown last May in a series of exhibitions around the town centre.

It showed new signs, a central strip of ‘rich-coloured porphry’ paving through the centre of the precinct flanked by silver-grey concrete blocks, a series of trees and lighting columns.

Public support for much of the work exceeded 90 per cent among those who went along.

Mr Coster said the coloured strip had been moved slightly to the west because of the need to avoid a major underground pipe. The scheme is being funded from various sources.