£1m to help stop flooding

FUNDING of £1m for projects which will prevent flooding has been unlocked.

West Sussex County Council cabinet member for residents’ services, Lionel Barnard, said: “We want to remind people that funding is there.

“Now is the time to be doing the work in readiness for the coming winter, so if you know there is a flooding issue in your community or neighbourhood, tell us.

“Autumn is the best time of year to carry out ditch clearances, because it falls outside nesting season for birds.

“If you need help with clearing your ditch, especially if it is a watercourse that runs through your property, now is the time to make contact.

“Your local community officer can advise you how to get 
help from the Operation 
Watershed fund.”

Typical projects include clearing private ditches 
which have been neglected, buying or hiring equipment such as shovels, waders or diggers, commissioning surveys and reports or developing community flood plans.